Vendor Partnerships

For almost 50 years, QPF Finance has been a trusted partner for businesses seeking equipment financing. With an extensive network of over 40 banks, we secure competitive rates and expedite approvals to help your business thrive.

At QPF, we provide direct finance brokerage services to business clients while partnering with suppliers, referrers, and retailers to offer tailored finance packages to their customers.

Our legacy of building strong, mutually beneficial business partnerships spans a diverse range of industries. Whether you are looking for a fully integrated ‘label’ program or a straightforward referral model, we adapt to your specific requirements to enhance your sales process seamlessly.

Let us help you drive sales and foster growth through our customised finance solutions.

  • By becoming an invaluable and trusted part of your sales process
  • Converting more leads with excellent finance offers
  • By arranging tailored finance solutions in a speedy and professional manner
  • Making finance the easy option

Trust us to provide the expertise and dedication needed to help your business thrive. Leave your details below, and we’ll contact you to discuss a vendor program tailored to your business.

Tell us a little more about you and how we can unlock more sales for your business.

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Let us tailor a Vendor Program to suit your business

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Tell us a little more about you and how we can unlock more sales for your business.

Tailored Marketing Solutions for Your Unique Business Needs

We recognize that every business is unique. That’s why we offer customized integration, working closely with you to develop finance solutions that perfectly fit your business.

Our Support Includes access to our internal Marketing Team to create vendor-branded, co-branded, or QPF-branded marketing materials and personalized assistance to enhance your sales process.

Experience the QPF Finance Group difference with bespoke solutions to elevate your business.


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