Got a pool you’re constantly scooping leaves out of but never use? Or perhaps you’re looking to cool off this summer in the privacy of someone else’s backyard. Well, a new pool-sharing app has just launched in Australia.

We Aussies love to swim. In fact, we’ve won the second most swimming gold medals at the Olympic Games – only behind the US.

And it’s no wonder why: research shows that nearly 2.7 million Aussies live in a house with a pool – the highest per capita in the world. That means either you or one of your nearby neighbours likely owns a pool.

To help us make the most of this tapped resource, an online marketplace for pool sharing called Swimply has launched.

How does it work?

Described as the ‘Airbnb of pools’, the service allows pool owners to rent their pool out by the hour.

The website and app features a platform where owners are able to list their pool and include customised information on availability, rules and prices.

Glancing at the website, listings range between $25 and $75 an hour – not too bad for an asset that would sit there collecting leaves otherwise.

Swimply makes its money by taking 15% of the hire fee paid to hosts and charging users a 10% service fee.

Interested in diving in?

If you own a pool and are interested in listing it, it’s worth noting that Swimply has entered into a partnership with pool maintenance supplier Poolwerx.

As part of the partnership, Poolwerx will undertake compliance checks of all pools to make sure they meet Swimply’s hygiene and safety standards.

Other money-spinning ideas

The sharing economy is taking off in Australia. In fact, according to the Sharing Hub, one in 10 Aussies make on average $1100 month from the sharing economy – that’s $13,200 a year that could help you pay off your mortgage.

Here are some other ways you can make an extra buck courtesy of your unused assets or time:

Car Next Door – got a spare car that’s sitting unused in the garage? Someone would likely rent it off you for $35 a day.

Airbnb – rent out a spare room, or even an unoccupied investment property, for anywhere between $60 and $250 a night.

Camplify – owners of caravans, campervans, motorhomes and camper trailers can earn $280-$2100 per week hiring to holidaymakers.

Spacer – Australia’s premier peer-to-peer marketplace for self-storage. Rent your garage or car park for a few hundred dollars a month.

The Volte – this website is changing the way Australians consume fashion. It’s a designer fashion rental marketplace connecting borrowers and lenders.

Mad Paws – who doesn’t like pets? Even better, get paid to look after someone else’s for $30-$50 a day.

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